Town of Banff

I recently posted about some of our excursions that we went on while visiting Banff, Canada. Lake Louise and our helicopter ride were definitely some major highlights of the trip. But my favorite part of the trip itself was just exploring the town and meeting the people.

The people there were so nice and welcoming. It seems like every time I travel out of the U.S. I say that, so maybe the it’s not even that these people from other areas are overwhelmingly nice, maybe Americans are just total jerks.

Anyways… the town was beautiful! While we were there they were having their annual Christmas Festival where local vendors set up tables and sell all their stuff. Most of the items were organic and homemade which was great. We got some bath salts, blueberry tea, and I got a little stuffed animal owl for my Nana. She and I bond over our love of owls so I thought it would be a great gift for her.

Walking around the town was so cool because the town is fully surrounded by mountains. Everywhere you turned there was another scenic landscape directly ahead of you. One of the best views that we saw in Banff was from the Fairmont Springs Hotel. The hotel itself was beautiful and like something out of a fairytale. Out back there was a large balcony overlooking the river winding between the mountains.

While walking through the center of town we also stumbled upon a restaurant called Boston Pizza. We thought it was hysterical and we just had to go in for lunch. The pizza was like a slightly better version of Domino’s.

Stay freckled! xoxo

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