Seaport, Boston

The Seaport here in Boston has been gaining major popularity the past few years. It’s not surprising due to the great views, amazing restaurants, and all the construction. A lot of major companies are building new office buildings here in the Seaport.
One of the best parts of the Seaport is the World Trade Center. They host all kinds of conventions, weddings, etc. and their dock is home to some beautiful yachts.

Devlin’s parents live in one of the best apartment buildings in the Seaport and they have a beautiful view of the World Trade Center and Logan Airport.

You can see one of the airport runways in the above photo, directly above that little sailboat.
My favorite part of the World Trade Center is the roof garden. Once it gets closer to Christmas time they’ll put lights up in the garden. It is magical to walk around the garden with all the lights, and look up at the sky and see all the stars.

If you need any restaurant suggestions or anything for next time you’ll be visiting the Seaport, let me know!
Stay freckled.

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