This weekend we went to the RISE of the Jack O Lanterns event in the Seaport. It was an awesome way to celebrate Halloween and appreciate the artistry that goes into some of these jack o lanterns. It was so fun to walk into the event and say “I wonder if there is a pumpkin […]

Seaport, Boston

The Seaport here in Boston has been gaining major popularity the past few years. It’s not surprising due to the great views, amazing restaurants, and all the construction. A lot of major companies are building new office buildings here in the Seaport. One of the best parts of the Seaport is the World Trade Center. […]


Our next vacation is officially booked! I LOVE traveling. I had never traveled until I met Devlin because my family couldn’t really afford it – and his family travels a lot. He’s already been to a lot of places, so we’ve been coming up with ideas of places that we’ve both never been to. And, […]