Grand Entrance: Mudroom DIY

I decided that my first HGTV mini series post would be about the most recent DIY update I did to my little home. The house has this little enclosed porch/mudroom/entryway on the front. It’s a cute little space and very useful if utilized the right way.

When I first purchased the house the entire mudroom was all wood with crappy vinyl floor tiles that were all broken and lifting away from the floor. The walls were wood paneled and stained a very dark color. It had a very cabin-like feel to it. I actually loved that because I LOVE cabins. I love how natural and rustic they are. However, for such a small space it was just too dark. It also didn’t go with the rest of the house. The house was “flipped” in 2012 and the inside was all redone with beautiful hardwood floors, dark kitchen cabinets, stainless steel appliances, etc. So the very old, worn-down mudroom didn’t give a visitor the right first impression for how the rest of the house would look.

I had some leftover white paint from a couple other projects that I had done with the help of my friend. I’ll be posting about those soon! I knew that the white paint wouldn’t totally cover that super dark stained wood unless I did A LOT of coats. But I’m very impatient and I just wanted to get started! So that’s exactly what I did. I wasn’t worried about dripping paint on the floor or anything because I knew I would be redoing the floors anyways.

After a couple coats of paint the wood stain still showed through a little but I actually liked the look that it gave. It kept that rustic feel intact while brightening up the space. So I decided 2 coats was plenty and it was time to move on to the floors.

Keep in mind this is all on a MAJOR budget. I went to Lowe’s and brought my little brothers along to help carry stuff. We went up and down the flooring aisles trying to decide what would work best in that room. I knew I needed something durable and waterproof seeing as it was the entryway into the house. I ended up choosing vinyl tiles, the same kind of tile that was there before, but with a much more modern look and they were clean and not broken. I also decided to grout them to give the appearance of real tiles.

I ripped up all the old flooring with a little help from my Dad. Then we laid out the tiles with spacers and stuck them down (vinyl tiles have a sticky back). A few days later my Dad came back with some more tools and cut the tiles that would go around the edges and did all the grout. Once that was dry after a couple days I could finally get decorating!

Overall I am very happy with the new look of the mudroom. It is still rustic, but the space is so much brighter and a much better first impression for guests. Rather than it being a gross storage room like it used to be, it’s now a bright and patriotic entryway!

Stay freckled! #merica

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