Flying High

My last post was about our expedition to Lake Louise and how gorgeous it was. On that day I really didn’t think that we would be able to top that experience. But we did.

We went on a helicopter tour over the Rockies and aside from meeting the entire Bruins team last night (post coming soon) this ride was the most amazing experience ever. The color of the water in Banff National Park was the most beautiful bright turquoise blue because it is a protected area and there’s no pollution or anything.

We were in a small 5-person helicopter and I thought that it would be scary to go up in the air in such a small helicopter, but it was actually very smooth and not scary in the least bit. It was so beautiful to be at the same level or above the tips of the mountains and being able to see the entire mountain range for as far as the eye could see. I don’t know if I will ever be able to beat the views that I had that day.

Another Banff post about the town itself is coming soon!

Stay freckled xoxo

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