Dear Successful Bloggers

Thank you. Thank you for giving me the courage and inspiration to take risks with fashion, to travel, to be confident in myself, and to start my own blog. I am just beginning this journey, and I hope to one day get to the level that you are all at; with lots of followers, and influencing many people to be happy and confident just as you have for me. I hope to one day have a website and an instagram page as beautiful as yours. Full of beautiful pictures of beautiful people and beautiful things. 

I am still trying to figure out the photography aspect of this. I have enlisted the help of my boyfriend to take photos, but we haven’t really been able to do any “photo-shoots” yet. I’ve also planned an upcoming trip to Banff, Canada where the views are amazing and we will be doing many activities that I hope to capture for my blog.

I have a lot of questions, and if any of you would be willing to mentor me or allow me to be a freelance writer for your blog to gain some more experience and see how followers react to my content, and more – I would really really appreciate it. How do you always have content to post (pictures, trips, outfits, etc.)? Do you do photo-shoots on the weekends and then post the outfits and activities during the week? Who does your photography? How did you get so many followers, where did you start? How did you decide on a blog theme and make it so organized and attractive? These are all things that I have been struggling with as I am attempting to launch this blog.

Any feedback is so greatly appreciated. I really want this blog to be a success and I look up to all of you so much. You’ve changed my life and I hope to be able to become a part of the successful blogger club.

Please feel free to comment below, or contact me via my contact page, or email me directly at

Thanks again,

Stay freckled.

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