Fall Weekend

We did a lot of driving around this weekend and we got to see so much beautiful foliage. From highways to backroads, the foliage in New England never ceases to amaze me with all the different colors and how no two trees are the same. We had a Pre-Thanksgiving dinner with my family this weekend […]

Get in the Game!

I recently decided to really up by blogging game and start putting more time and effort into this. I love blogging, but I tend to get really distracted between working full-time, being a graduate student, a girlfriend, and a puppy mom. But, it’s time to put in some me time! I am still working on […]

Play With Color!

It’s summer time and we should be having fun! But instead, we’re all stuck inside a freezing cold air conditioned office somewhere. If we can’t be outside enjoying the beautiful weather, taking in all the different colors of the grass, sky, flowers, and wildlife, then we need to bring a little color into the office. […]

Power = Promotion

How do you figure out what your go-to-power-outfit is??? Guess and check. There is no way to know by looking at the clothes in your closet that Yes! – that is THE power outfit! You may think it is, and you’ll get so excited, and put on the outfit and then… nothing. Nothing?! Isn’t a power […]