Most Worn Purchase of 2017

Ever come across something completely by accident but then it becomes one of your most worn closet staples? Is that not the best feeling?? These Nine West leather booties are easily my most used item(s) of 2017. They are perfect for fall and winter to pair with skinny jeans and a cozy sweater, but they […]


This weekend we went to the RISE of the Jack O Lanterns event in the Seaport. It was an awesome way to celebrate Halloween and appreciate the artistry that goes into some of these jack o lanterns. It was so fun to walk into the event and say “I wonder if there is a pumpkin […]

Seaport, Boston

The Seaport here in Boston has been gaining major popularity the past few years. It’s not surprising due to the great views, amazing restaurants, and all the construction. A lot of major companies are building new office buildings here in the Seaport. One of the best parts of the Seaport is the World Trade Center. […]


Our next vacation is officially booked! I LOVE traveling. I had never traveled until I met Devlin because my family couldn’t really afford it – and his family travels a lot. He’s already been to a lot of places, so we’ve been coming up with ideas of places that we’ve both never been to. And, […]