This weekend we went to the RISE of the Jack O Lanterns event in the Seaport. It was an awesome way to celebrate Halloween and appreciate the artistry that goes into some of these jack o lanterns. It was so fun to walk into the event and say “I wonder if there is a pumpkin […]

Seaport, Boston

The Seaport here in Boston has been gaining major popularity the past few years. It’s not surprising due to the great views, amazing restaurants, and all the construction. A lot of major companies are building new office buildings here in the Seaport. One of the best parts of the Seaport is the World Trade Center. […]

Get in the Game!

I recently decided to really up by blogging game and start putting more time and effort into this. I love blogging, but I tend to get really distracted between working full-time, being a graduate student, a girlfriend, and a puppy mom. But, it’s time to put in some me time! I am still working on […]

OMG, Shoes

Devlin and I recently had a big project to do: photograph all of his shoes. Devlin is a sneakerhead and he loves adding to his collection. He has just over 30 pairs of sneakers now and the collection is continuing to grow. Every couple months we take pictures of the entire collection laid out on the […]

Schedule Craziness

Summer classes have just begun. I took a one week intensive course in May (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm) and got my International Finance Project class out of the way. It was an interesting week with lots of homework, little down time, and even a trip to the emergency room. The regular summer session is now starting and […]

Almost Spoke too Soon!

I started to write a blog post the other night about how Dev won’t let me get a puppy and I was so upset because I’ve always wanted a dog. Growing up I asked my parents for a dog at least once a week and their response was always “You can get a dog when […]