Bruins Casino Night

Last weekend my little brother’s girlfriend, Ali, and I attended the Boston Bruins Foundation Casino Night, courtesy of my cousin’s girlfriend, Theresa! She got us the tickets and Ali and I are HUGE Bruins fans, so we jumped at the chance to meet the entire team.

When we first arrived we sat down on a bench (our heels were already killing us) and one of the Blackjack dealers asked us if we know how to play. He offered to teach us before it got really busy. Ali and I started getting the hang of it when all of a sudden a very tall handsome man came and stood next to me to play. It was Jimmy Hayes. I fangirled. Not sorry.

Beleskey soon followed, who is gorgeous (then again I love all hockey players), and we played blackjack with the 2 of them for over an hour! It was fake money so there was no pressure, and we had a ton of fun!

At that time there was an announcement for the silent auction to begin. We witnessed Marchand purchase a signed Brady jersey for charity. We then got a picture with Marchand and we basically couldn’t breathe. We were also standing 2 feet away from Bergeron, McQuaid, Rask, Pastrnak, and so many more!

Overall, it was AMAZING and one of the best experiences ever. Ali and I are for sure going back next year. Maybe I can get myself an NHL hubby. That would be nice.


Stay freckled! xoxo

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