Blue Hills

Last week my friend Arianne and I went for a hike around Blue Hills. We did the skyline trail and made it to the top of the mountain. We had a beautiful view of the city, the ocean, and everything in between.

We started out at Houghton’s Pond which has an adorable little beach, a park, and picnik tables. From there we began our venture into the woods. Neither of us had ever hiked there before, so we looked at the map and we found out red dots signifies a moderate level hike and blue lines signifies the skyline trail. We took the red path for a while until we came across an intersection with the skyline trail. We both looked at each other and without even saying anything we started up the skyline trail.

Getting to the top of the mountain was far more challenging than the red trail, but I loved it. At one point we were standing at the bottom of this portion of the trail and we looked up and there was just a wall of boulders and rocks ahead of us. When we got to the top it was well worth the trek. The views were amazing, the breeze was just right, and we even met a man that was a bird watcher and he taught us all about a couple of the species that were up there.

I decided to become a member of the Trustees foundation this year instead of paying for parking every time I want to go to one of their reservations. They have over 100 properties in Massachusetts and I want to make it a goal to go to as many of them as I can this summer.

Stay freckled, and may they multiply all summer long! xo

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