Our next vacation is officially booked! I LOVE traveling. I had never traveled until I met Devlin because my family couldn’t really afford it – and his family travels a lot. He’s already been to a lot of places, so we’ve been coming up with ideas of places that we’ve both never been to. And, BAM! Banff, an adorable town in the Rockies about an hour away from Calgary, seemed like the perfect winter getaway.

Tell me this place isn’t what dreams are made of.

I love photography, and Dev just got me a new camera with 3 different lenses for my birthday. I’ve been dying to travel somewhere picturesque and try out my new camera for real. We are leaving the day after Thanksgiving and spending about 5 days up there. There is so much to do and I can’t wait to try all these new things! We are planning to do: dog sledding, snow shoeing, ice skating, and maybe skiing. Maybe. (I’m afraid of skiing, but I’d like to get over that fear eventually and be a normal person). There’s also a craft beer festival and a Christmas shopping festival going on the weekend that we will be there! The best part? 5 days and flights was only $500 a person. A $1,000 vacation? That’s unheard of! Hell yes, I will gladly use 1 week’s paycheck to go to this amazingly beautiful place. All we need to save for now is excursions and food.

If you’ve ever been to Banff, I’d love to hear about it! Restaurant and activity suggestions are always welcome!

Stay freckled.

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