Town of Banff

I recently posted about some of our excursions that we went on while visiting Banff, Canada. Lake Louise and our helicopter ride were definitely some major highlights of the trip. But my favorite part of the trip itself was just exploring the town and meeting the people. The people there were so nice and welcoming. […]

Bruins Casino Night

Last weekend my little brother’s girlfriend, Ali, and I attended the Boston Bruins Foundation Casino Night, courtesy of my cousin’s girlfriend, Theresa! She got us the tickets and Ali and I are HUGE Bruins fans, so we jumped at the chance to meet the entire team. When we first arrived we sat down on a […]

Flying High

My last post was about our expedition to Lake Louise and how gorgeous it was. On that day I really didn’t think that we would be able to top that experience. But we did. We went on a helicopter tour over the Rockies and aside from meeting the entire Bruins team last night (post coming […]

Lake Louise

On our second full day in Banff, we went on a Discover Banff Tours trip to Lake Louise. The drive to Lake Louise was just as scenic and beautiful as Lake Louise itself. We had the greatest tour guide that stopped a couple times along the drive so that we could get some amazing pictures […]

Fall Weekend

We did a lot of driving around this weekend and we got to see so much beautiful foliage. From highways to backroads, the foliage in New England never ceases to amaze me with all the different colors and how no two trees are the same. We had a Pre-Thanksgiving dinner with my family this weekend […]


This weekend we went to the RISE of the Jack O Lanterns event in the Seaport. It was an awesome way to celebrate Halloween and appreciate the artistry that goes into some of these jack o lanterns. It was so fun to walk into the event and say “I wonder if there is a pumpkin […]

Seaport, Boston

The Seaport here in Boston has been gaining major popularity the past few years. It’s not surprising due to the great views, amazing restaurants, and all the construction. A lot of major companies are building new office buildings here in the Seaport. One of the best parts of the Seaport is the World Trade Center. […]